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How to best install solar panels? Seven Factors to maximize a solar panel install

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Seven factors for maximizing a solar panel system
How to best install solar panels?

When adding solar panels to home, the first objective should always be to maximize the system's energy production. People receive a lot of wrong information on how to best go about installing solar at home. Alchemy Solar wants to make sure everyone has the right information when deciding on installing a solar energy system. In this article, we will discuss the most common type of residential solar installation, a roof-mounted system.

No home has the "perfect" conditions for solar, but we will go over the most critical factors when trying to maximize residential solar savings.

Does solar make sense where I live?

Not all places get the same amount of sun. Some states get more hours of sunlight, while others are more overcast, but at the end of the day, the economics of solar are based on how much a homeowner can save by switching from utility power to solar power.

In 2020, it is possible to save money by switching to solar in most U.S. states. If you are interested in finding out if solar makes sense in your state, please contact Alchemy Solar today for a free consultation.

Is my roof suitable for solar installation?

When looking at the factors that will lead to the best roof-mounted solar system, Alchemy Solar looks at the following factors:

Roof orientation

In most situations, solar panels located on a south-facing roof will produce the most electricity because they are exposed to the most hours of sunlight across a day. While south-facing roofs are usually ideal, solar panels can also be located on east or west-facing roofs for aesthetic, spacial, or rate structure reasons and still reduce a homeowner's utility bill and save them money. Learn more about how the direction of your roof impacts solar systems energy production.

Roof pitch of angle

The pitch of a roof can impact the amount of sun exposure that solar panels receive. Solar panels can be installed on a roof with a pitch between 15 and 40 degrees. A 30-degree pitch is usually considered best for solar panel installation.

Solar panels can also be installed on a flat roof but need to be mounted at a pitch to ensure better production and ensure that condensation does not pool on the solar panels. Learn more about how the pitch of your roof impacts a solar systems energy production

Roof shape and size

The most straightforward roofs to install solar on, are large squares or rectangles. The more roof plains, angles, or obstruction a roof has, the harder it is to fit solar panels. Alchemy Solar can design a solar system to maximize output that uses a layout that works around obstructions, but homeowners need to keep in mind the impact that obstructions can have.

Roof Shading

For solar panels to produce the maximum amount of electricity, they need direct as much direct sunlight as possible. Things like trees, tall buildings, or even chimneys can cause shading on the solar system that reduces its electrical output.

If it is possible to trim trees or move roof obstructions that might cause shading, we highly recommend it. The reduced shading will increase savings and reduce a home's carbon usage, helping the environment.

Roof condition and age

Solar panel systems are designed to be on a roof for 25+ years and help extend the roof's life. At the same time, removing and reinstalling solar panels can be an expensive process. Before a homeowner installs solar, we recommend that they make sure their roof is in good shape and will not be fixed or replaced anytime soon.

The material of your roof

Solar can be installed on almost every type of roofing material. The easiest and most cost-effective is composite shingle. If you have another roof type such as slate, tile, gravel, or metal Alchemy Solar will work to find a solution to safely and effectively install solar panels on your home.

If you have already confirmed that your home is a good candidate for solar or are interested in finding out if it is, contact Alchemy Solar today for a free solar consultation.

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