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solar energy

Simplifying Solar Energy and Home Battery Storage

Our Mission

We structured Alchemy Solar to help our communities in California and Hawaii by building a solar company that works for them. Alchemy Solar is fixing the solar industry's biggest issues by focusing on two things: Provide the right solution for every homeowner's specific solar needs and make sure that every customer receives exceptional service. 

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About Alchemy Solar

Over the past decade and a half, the founders of Alchemy Solar have dedicated themselves to helping homeowners in California and Hawaii make the right solar decision. While running some of the largest solar energy companies in the nation, they oversaw the sale and installation of nearly a half-billion dollars’ worth of solar projects. During their time with “traditional solar companies”, it became clear that the old solar energy business model doesn’t understand the most important part of the solar process, the needs of it’s customers.  
By partnering directly with the best solar installers, equipment providers, and finance partners, Alchemy Solar is able to use its extensive solar industry experience to give you the right individualized solar and battery storage solution. Unlike “traditional solar companies” who provide one size fits all solar systems, Alchemy Solar works with you to make sure that you know about all the available options and helps you to pick the one that best fits your needs.

Please contact us today to learn more about the options you have for accomplishing your solar and energy storage goals. 

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Our Commitment

By developing unique processes and utilizing the most up to date technology, Alchemy Solar can keep our customers more informed on their project than any other company in the solar industry. Alchemy Solar is committed to providing the best possible communication and customer experience during every step of your solar and energy storage project.

We understand that the process of getting solar can be overwhelming. That is why we have focused our business on education and communication. At Alchemy Solar we want to expand access to solar to as many people as possible and we are confident that our solutions based solar approach will help you accomplish your solar goals.

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