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The Best Solar Solutions 

for the Golden State.

California Solar

For over a decade and a half, California has been one of the national leaders when it comes to residential solar installations. Citizens of California's and it’s government have pushed for this growth pro-solar policies, which, when combined with California's large population and high utility rates, allowed California to install more residential solar energy systems than any other state. Homeowners in California have many options for installing solar, but not much information on what questions they should be asking. At Alchemy Solar, we want to make sure every homeowner in California has the right information to make the best solar decisions possible.



In California, solar increase home value by $5,900 Per Installed Kilowatt or over $30,000 for an average solar system.


solar- powered homes!


California has installed enough solar to power 7,812,254 homes! 

solar power

California's solar battery rebate program can cover between a third and a half of a residential solar battery! 


"For years I had been put off on solar by bad experiences with solar companies at big box stores and local companies who promised a low price in ads only to increase it when presenting a proposal. Unlike the other solar companies we spoke with, Alchemy Solar,  had one focus, make sure I understand the available solar and energy storage options. They walked us through different equipment and finance solutions until I was able to find the right fit for my family. Now that our solar and energy storage system is up and running, we could not be happier. If you are interested in solar panels and live in California, Alchemy Solar is the only choice!"

Stephanie J.  |  Irvine, CA

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Please contact us today to learn more about the options you have for accomplishing your solar and energy storage goals. 

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