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The Best Solar Solutions 

for the Golden State.

California Solar

For over a decade and a half, California has been one of the national leaders when it comes to residential solar installations. Citizens of California's and it’s government have pushed for this growth pro-solar policies, which, when combined with California's large population and high utility rates, allowed California to install more residential solar energy systems than any other state. Homeowners in California have many options for installing solar, but not much information on what questions they should be asking. At Alchemy Solar, we want to make sure every homeowner in California has the right information to make the best solar decisions possible.


In California, solar increase home value by $5,900 Per Installed Kilowatt or over $30,000 for an average solar system.


solar- powered homes!

California has installed enough solar to power 7,812,254 homes! 

California's solar battery rebate program can cover between a third and a half of a residential solar battery! 


  • What solar panels should I install in California?
    When looking into solar energy, the number of options can be overwhelming. At Alchemy Solar, we focus on only supplying the highest quality products but want to make sure that customers understand the variables that impact a solar panel's output. Every customer has different needs. They need to understand that some solar panels come with higher efficiencies and more extended warranties. Like all premium products, these panels do come with a higher cost, but if a homeowner has limited roof space or will be financing the system for a longer time it may be worth the additional cost. For homeowners looking for the best return on investment or are signing up for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and are comfortable with the warranty and production guarantee provided by the PPA, a standard Tier 1 panel might be sufficient.
  • How much electricity can a residential solar system produce in California?
    The solar panels and additional components of a solar energy system are the main factors that determine how much energy a solar system can produce, but the other factor is how much sun exposure the system gets. California is amongst the nation's leaders in most sun exposure. This factor is significant because it means that compared with a solar panel system that is the same size located elsewhere in the country, the solar system in California will most likely produce the most electricity. This factor means a homeowner gets more power from the solar panels and should help improve the system's ROI. Other factors do impact the production of a solar panel system. Things like roof orientation, angel and shading do play a part. Homeowners in California need to understand how their home's specifics will impact the system production before making a final decision.
  • Do solar-battery-storage systems make sense in California?
    Over the past few years, California has been forced to deal with multiple wildfires that have done tremendous harm to communities throughout the state. As a way to attempt to avoid forest fires and liabilities related to them, California utilities have been cutting power to homeowners to reduce forest fire risks. In the post COVID world, the importance of keeping a home powered has only increased. Battery systems provide California homeowners with backup capabilities that keep a home safe during a power outage and ensure that homeowners can get their work done without interruption. The three largest utilities in California are also under NEM 2.0 that requires all homeowners who switch to solar power to transition to a Time Of Use utility rate structure. This means that SDG&E, SCE, and PG&E charge homeowners different amounts for electricity during different times of the day. Because of this, solar battery storage systems present some California homeowners with an exciting way to save more money on their utility bills. With a home battery, homeowners can store solar energy in their battery and use it in the home when pulling electricity from the utility grid would be the most expensive. This can save a homeowner money and help them become more energy independent.
  • How long will a solar project take in California?
    California is a large and diverse state. Project timelines in Fresno are different from San Diego as utility and local permitting have different requirements. The goal for all projects is to get the solar panels installed as quickly as possible and ensure that homeowners can start saving money. On average, projects without any delay or required additional work take around sixty days, from contract signing to installation.
  • How long does a solar installation take in California?
    Most solar installations take two days. Some small systems can be installed in one day, and larger ones may take a few days. With solar battery systems becoming more common, systems that include solar and battery storage may take longer than a solar-only installation.
  • Does California have rebates and incentives for solar?
    Every homeowner in the nation has access to the best solar incentive, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC allows homeowners who purchase a solar system to deduct 26 percent of the system cost from their federal taxes. The ITC dramatically improves the economics of the residential solar system and will be 26 percent until 2021, at which point it will step down to 22 percent until 2022, where it will go away entirely for residential solar! Homeowners in California have access to additional incentives. Customers who add a solar-energy-storage system have access to the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). The SGIP is a rebate for home battery systems that can offset a few thousand dollars worth of the cost of installing the batteries. Depending on the homeowner's location, California residents also have access to Net Energy Metering (NEM) or Net Energy Metering 2.0 programs via their utilities. NEM programs ensure that utilities are willing to provide a utility credit for the excess electricity that a solar energy system produces. California also has additional incentive programs that are based on income eligibility. If you are a California homeowner interested in learning more about residential solar, schedule a free consultation with Alchemy Solar today.

"For years I had been put off on solar by bad experiences with solar companies at big box stores and local companies who promised a low price in ads only to increase it when presenting a proposal. Unlike the other solar companies we spoke with, Alchemy Solar,  had one focus, make sure I understand the available solar and energy storage options. They walked us through different equipment and finance solutions until I was able to find the right fit for my family. Now that our solar and energy storage system is up and running, we could not be happier. If you are interested in solar panels and live in California, Alchemy Solar is the only choice!"

Stephanie J.  |  Irvine, CA

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