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Hawai'i Affordable Home Solar Battery Storage: Why It Makes Sense For You!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The three things you need to know in Hawaii about premium solar home energy batteries to protect you during the next power outage.
Hawaii affordable home solar battery storage

Introduction To Affordable Solar-Home-Battery-Storage Technology For Homeowners in Hawaiʻi

Hawaiʻi has long been at the forefront of solar energy in the United States. It doesn't matter if you live on Oahu, Maui, Big Island, or Kauaʻi; Hawaiʻi has the highest utility rates in the nation and some of the best sun exposure. 

As solar has become more popular, battery energy storage has grown in popularity. Products like the Tesla Powerwall 2 or the LG Chem Resu have increased the functionality of home batteries while reducing the cost. Because of these improvements and the incredibly high cost of electricity from Hawaiian Electric, of all the states in the country, solar-home-battery systems make the most sense in Hawaiʻi. Home solar battery systems allow homeowners in Hawaiʻi energy independence and peace of mind while saving money on their utility bills. 

What Is The Best Solar-Home-Battery-Storage Technology For Homeowners in Hawaiʻi?

Battery storage has existed for decades. Historically a lot of different storage technologies existed that made picking the right battery confusing. In Hawaiʻi, like most of the country, lithium-ion batteries are the best option for homeowners. Lithium-ion batteries are affordable, perform at the highest level, and are designed to work for at least ten years. 

Why does a Home Battery Benefits for Homeowners In Hawaiʻi?

How solar batteries help homeowners in Hawaii save more, avoid black outs and  reduce pollution.
3 Things Homeowners In Hawaii Need To Know About Affordable Home Solar Battery

1. True Energy Independence

Solar panels allow for a home to produce energy, but without home batteries, that energy can end up going to the utility. With energy storage, the power produced by a residential solar system gets into the battery to be pulled from at night, when it is cloudy or on a rainy day. Before energy storage, Hawaiʻi residents have had to pay for expensive and dirty utility power, but now they can turn their home into a local power plant. With solar home energy storage, homeowners produce and use their power, but they have the additional peace of mind of knowing that if they ever experience a power outage, the batteries will provide them with backup power. 

2. Affordability 

Historically when people thought about energy storage, they thought it was costly. As more and more battery manufacturers are coming online to support the growth of electric vehicles and solar batteries, the cost has dramatically decreased. With financing options or PPA programs providing the Sunrun's Brightbox, homeowners can get home energy storage for as little as zero dollars down. 

3. Maximizing your savings 

Hawaiʻi no longer has a standard Net Energy Metering Program. Homeowners must choose between Customer Self Supply or Smart Export (SE). Under the Self Supply options, homeowners are not allowed to export any electricity back into the grid. While the Smart Export program is similar to a Time of Use program, it provides different amounts of value for kilowatts sent into the grid at different times. While the programs may appear to present additional challenges, solar batteries ensure that homeowners in Hawaiʻi are still able to save a tremendous amount of money by switching to solar. 


If you are a homeowner in Hawaiʻi who has thought about solar or wants to keep the lights on during the next storm, a home solar battery makes sense for you. With a solar panel Power Purchase Agreement, you can get savings on your HECO, HELCO, or MECO bill and the added security of battery backup without paying anything upfront. 

If you are interested in learning more about how beneficial home energy storage is for Hawaiʻi homeowners, schedule a free consultation with Alchemy Solar today

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