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The Solar Journey Can Be Daunting. Why Go It Alone?

Alchemy Solar simplifies the solar journey by helping you make the best decision at each step of the process. Not a sales company, a solar solution partner.

Leading the Solar Panel Installation Revolution in California & Hawaii

Alchemy Solar was founded with one goal: to empower your access to solar. Traditional solar companies will only offer solutions that make them money. This can leave you feeling frustrated and under-appreciated, or worse, in the dark to better options. Unlike traditional solar installers, we partnered with a variety of solar industry leaders to provide you access to the best finance, installation, and equipment options available in your local market.

We work with you hand-in-hand to ensure that the solar process is comfortable, easy, and achieves your goal of maximizing savings. Alchemy Solar is your solar solution partner!


The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Solar is built to be a better solar partner. Not a solar sales company but a solar solutions company. 

Solar Only

We are solar obsessed! Focusing on one thing helps us give the best solar solution to every customer!

Partnership Model

We have strong relationships with the best finance, install, and solar equipment providers, so you get the solar and battery solution that is right for you.

Customer Focused

Our process is designed to educate you on ALL the solar options you have, so you are empowered to make the right decision, and we guarantee to keep you informed during every step of your solar journey. 

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California is the nation's residential solar leader, learn about how Alchemy Solar helps you get the best solar energy and battery storage solutions in the Golden State. 

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Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the nation,  Alchemy Solar helps you take control of your utility bill by switching to solar power and energy storage.

Our Locations

Alchemy Solar is dedicated to providing the best solar and energy storage solutions to the communities where we live, California, and Hawaii. 

Our Process


Consultation and Contract Signing

We educate you on your solar options and help you decide on what the right solar option is for you


Project Coordination

We work with our solar partners to help make sure your project moves smoothly and most importantly you are kept informed on every step of the process.


Installation and Savings

 Solar Panel System is installed by some of the nations best solar installers and once utility approval is provided you start to see savings on your electricity bill

Our Process
Co-founder Christain Adams

Message from our Co-founder

"We’ve built Alchemy Solar on the idea of giving the best options to homeowners without compromising the quality of the material and installation. After being in the industry for 15 years I’ve seen what to do and what not to do. As an owner of solar myself I know it’s a big decision that can feel overwhelming. At Alchemy Solar we are there through every step of the process to make sure the job gets done right."

Christian Adams, Co-founder Alchemy Solar

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Portrait of a Man

"Right away I knew Alchemy was different. No sales pitch or pushy sales tactics. They helped me secure the best system for my house with a great finance package."

I'm that person who reads everything on the internet when making a decision, especially one as important as solar. I had a decent understanding of my options and met with a few well-known companies, but felt something was missing. I realized the solar companies in my area were just trying to sell me the best option for them, not for my needs. Right away I knew Alchemy Solar was different. No sales pitch or pushy sales tactics. Alchemy answered all my questions and gave me a tip to ask the other companies. Lo and behold, there was a better option, but the other companies didn't mention it! In the end, Alchemy Solar helped me secure the best system for my family. I'm so glad I reached out to Alchemy Solar!


-Zach B. San Diego 

Select Partners

Alchemy Solar unlike "traditional solar companies" works with a variety of the industry's best companies to ensure you have access to the right partnerships for your solar or energy storage needs. 

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